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I strive to write about the fantastical and the absurd.

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New Review for Strange Soul Mates!

That’s What I’m Talking About reviewed Strange Soul Mates and gave it a 3.5 (B+). I’ll take it! The review touched upon the retro, Twilight-Zone vibe in the story and the unlikable character that Steven is. Check it out here.

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On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King Stephen King’s book On Writing isn’t exactly a how-to-write instruction manual, though you will take away a couple of tips here and there. Mr. King believes that writers can’t be made, they have to be born, so why try to write a how-to on writing? Well, the thing is that the amount of born writers trumps the number of those born without the talent, he suspects. And the ones born with the talent must constantly work on honing those skills—the book basically works on providing motivation to hone those skills. Whether you believe in this theory or not, On Writing will definitely provide inspiration to get to work on that novel or short story. King draws upon experiences from his own life to narrate his emergence as a writer, even devoting a chapter to his brush with death when a car hit him during an afternoon walk. It’s a good causal read that deals with writing on a more personal level.

Watch Me Disappear

Watch Me Disappear - Jill Dawson In Watch Me Disappear, Tina Humber is a marine biologist who lives in the U.S. who must reencounter a childhood trauma when she returns to her native England. As a child her best friend disappeared one day leaving behind questions and no hope for closure. Returning to her hometown, Tina tries to piece together the few clues she remembers to figure out who abducted her friend decades ago.Though this novel does have a detective feel, it doesn’t allow for the logic and closure generally afforded to the detective genre. Instead, the novel uses the detective device to explore memory: how much weight one should give to it, how faulty it can be, and exactly what memories can be trusted…or which ones have actually been designed as a self-defense mechanism. Having said this, the novel has much depth in exploring these themes and the character development is professionally done. Except for the fact that, as a marine biologist, Tina seems to have no interest in conservation and even mentions her indifference to it, which I personally could not understand considering that the health of the ocean determines her livelihood. I will say that the novel does sacrifice plot at times in its bid to explore weighty themes. The redeeming factor of the novel is the level of writing—Jill Dawson has a good understanding of her craft.